Ebbco recommends to change the bag when abrasive box is 3/4 of the way filled with abrasive.

  1. Shut Garnet Removal System off.
  2. Disconnect overflow coupler and decant hose from the Hopper using the Quick Disconnect Fitting Supplied
  3. Remove overflow Stainless Steel Baffle.
  4. Move abrasive box out from under the Abrasive Removal System, making room for service.
  5. Attach four (4) bag slings on corners of bag to overhead crane or fork truck and lift the bag from the hopper.
  6. Place full bag somewhere to de-water itself. (Optional Decanting Skids Available)
  7. Install new bag into hopper, cutting hole in duffle top for the decant. line
  8. Install overflow baffle
  9. Re-position box under separator in line with system.
  10. Connect overflow coupler and overflow hose.
  11. Return the System to Service
Permeable Abrasive Bag, Hopper Liner SKU's. About this grid.
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105517WJF-ABHB $35.00
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