Flow Nozzles

Selecting your Choice Waterjet Parts, Flow Equivalent Waterjet Nozzle

Choice offers a full range of Nozzles that meet or exceed your nozzle life expectations. To select your Flow OEM Equivalent Nozzle/Focusing Tube:

1. Choose your Performance Standard: Consider your application and performance requirement and choose your nozzle type (Standard Life, Ultra Life, Premium Life).

2. Choose your Nozzle Style: No Brass Locator Ring or with Bass Locator Ring and Gasket (ECL).

3. Choose your nozzle I.D.: After you have selected the appropriate nozzle performance required, choose the inside diameter (I.D.) you require relative to the orifice size and type you are using.  Smaller I.D.'s provide greater precision, reduced taper on your cuts and a higher cut finish quality.  A larger I.D. allows for greater water and abrasive flow and provides for a faster cut.  A general rule of thumb is to start with a nozzle I.D. that is three times larger than the orifice being used.

4. Choose your Nozzle Length: The 4" nozzle has become the industry standard due to the accuracy and extended life realized over shorter nozzles lengths.  The clearance distance between the cutting head and material being cut may dictate optimum nozzle length.