Premium Life Nozzles provide the highest cut accuracy and quality over the life of the nozzle.  After the optimized grade nozzle is formed, all surfaces are ground to a high finish level.  While the actual life of a nozzle is dependent upon many variables such as abrasive type, feed rates, on/off cycle rate, etc., the Premium Life Nozzles offers an additional life extension of up to 30%. 


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WSI Equivalent Nozzles - Premium Life. About this grid.
Product ImagePart NumberNameRetail PriceQtyPurchase
OEM: 010460-30-40 / 1000013-30-4
Nozzle, Premium Life, .030 x 4" x .281 $130.00
OEM: 1000004-35-40 / 010460-35-40
Nozzle, Premium Life, .035 x 4" x .281 $130.00
OEM: 010460-40-40 / 1000013-40-4
Nozzle, Premium Life, .040 x 4" x .281 $130.00
OEM: 711933-1
Blast Disc / Nozzle Splash Guard $5.50
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